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Road freight is the only mode of transport that can reach into the most rural areas, not served by any other transportation, and has the ability to deliver your goods right at the doorstep. It is a highly flexible mode of transport, perfect for shorter distances. With a full range of road freight services across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, extensive knowledge of the market and an entirely independent position, we can create the perfect road freight solution for you.

Full Truck Load for larger volumes of goods

Do you have larger volumes of goods to ship over shorter distances, and preferably, as fast as possible? We offer an FTL service with high flexibility and destinations all over Europe. When it comes to road freight, we know punctuality and security are stringent demands and important factors in order to provide truly reliable services. Many of our trucks are equipped with satellite navigation and tracking systems, allowing us to check their positions online. This means that you know exactly where the cargo is at all times. Based on international standards, we offer a fully secured cargo during the entire transportation.

Less than Truck Load for smaller volumes of goods

Are you a small or mid-size business that doesn’t have the volume to fill a full truck but cannot afford to miss delivery deadlines? Then our LTL and groupage service might be an option for you. With our LTL service, we ship your goods at lower shipping rates. We combine your individual consignment and ship it together with other consignments in the same truck. We separate your consolidated shipment back into the original individual consignment and deliver it to you. Via our E-carrier Portal, you can calculate the breakpoint of when to use LTL and at what point a full truck load becomes more economical.

Partial Truck Load for large but lightweight cargo

Does your shipment fall between FTL and LTL? Our PTL service is based on how large your shipment is, how much it weighs, if it is time-sensitive and what type of cargo you want to ship. If there is extra room available in one of our trucks and we can fit your cargo into the truck, you can use our PTL service. This alternative provides fast transit times and less handling of your goods as there is usually no need to stop at distribution terminals along the way to the destination. It is also a very cost-efficient solution with no extra charges. We offer a daily PTL service with high flexibility and destinations all over Europe.

Express services for time-sensitive cargo

You can also choose to ship your goods super fast with our express service for full truck load and less than truck load. We provide a fast and flexible shipping service to improve your time-to-market.

Intermodal transport using multiple modes of transport

We can offer fast and reliable intermodal transport, which means we use multiple modes of transportation, but without handling the freight itself when changing mode, saving you both time and money. With our extensive transportation network, we can create the perfect combination of truck, train and boat, to provide the smartest and most efficient intermodal solution based on your needs.

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