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Moving Your Petse

Moving Your Vehicles
Runners Shipping provides a complete relocation service for pets which as we all know, are all VIP’s (Very important Pets) to their owners. Pets are handled by a specialist company that will not only collect and deliver by road and air, but also arrange kenneling where required. Inoculations must be up to date. In addition to inoculations, customs and transport to other countries can be provided.

Insofar as international movements of pets is concerned, the following points should be noted:
Your cats and dogs will need to be inoculated against rabies hours  prior to departure.
A health certificate must be issued by a registered veterinarian 2 days prior to departure.
Both the rabies inoculation certificate and the health certificate then have to be endorsed by the office of the State Veterinarian or Pet Aviation  Service at departure center.
Import permits for pets are required by most countries.
Quarantine is a requirement for many countries, for example the United Kingdom - six months, Australia - seven months (three months in South Africa and four months in Australia), New Zealand - the same as for Australia.
National Moves: Vehicles are transported on specialised car transportation vehicles.
International Moves: We will load your vehicle in a container and build a customised frame around the vehicle. This not only provides protection but it also utilises the space inside the container efficiently. We will advise you in advance of the current requirements for the country to which you are emigrating. It is essential to ensure that your motor vehicle complies with the legislated requirements in the country to which you are moving and that you have permission to import same.