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Turners Shipping uses advanced operating systems designed for customs clearing and freight forwarding, providing our customers with the best service possible.

Our software systems assure a complete end-to-end service which includes proactive tailor-made status reporting.


Our Mobile Shipment Tracker web application has been developed and designed to our specifications with the customer in mind. This web application allows real-time monitoring of shipments and delivers the information in a user friendly interface.

The Mobile Shipment Tracker is fully integrated into our systems and provides clients with a level of reporting that has not been seen before. At a glance, the graphic interface shows the progress of outstanding shipments, and a quick selection will provide a detailed information breakdown for specific shipments.

Turners Shipping online reporting allows our clients to view both real time data and back history on all of their shipments.

Electronic copies of documents are conveniently available for download from the online reporting system.
The software gathers information from our systems, shipping movement reports, airlines departure and arrivals, and customs.

Clients can view individual shipment information, which is supplemented with graphical metrics showing overall information shipment statistics.
The Mobile Shipment Tracker works on all devices; smart phones, tablets and computers.

Click the Mobile Tracker button for access. Please contact your Turners Shipping representative for your login details.
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