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The Runners Training Academy provides training and skills development for personnel within the Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding industry.

The goal is to give candidates a holistic understanding of the industry and their role in the logistics supply chain.

The Academy, and the training materials, are registered with the Transport Education and Training Authority which provides external examiners to moderate the exam papers.
To date over one hundred staff members from Runners Shipping and Runners  Forwarding had attended the courses offered by the Academy. These include Customs Procedure, Communication Skills and Inco-Terms. This year Customer Relations, Customs Procedure (Module 2) and Operations Systems will be added to the curriculum.

There are plans to extend the training to our customers’ employees as many businesses don’t have the resources to conduct extensive in-house training. As an approved IATA training provider businesses will be able to get financial support from the Transport Education and Training Authority when their staff attend the Academy’s courses.