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Packing For Your Move

Moving Your Vehicles
Your move requires professional packing with the best materials available. That’s why we wrap each item of furniture individually in plain white paper and flat sheet or with double sided cushion craft on international moves and Pack Mats on domestic moves to protect all the corners and edges most susceptible to damage.

Here’s What Makes Us The Packaging Professionals
• Paintings and mirrors are wrapped, then enclosed in a tailor made box or crate.
• The double-walled cartons vary in size from the smaller crockery box up to the clothing and linen cartons.
• Specialised cartons are available for flat screen televisions and bicycles.
• We take great care with fragile items. These are separately wrapped in white paper before we cover them in bubble wrap.
• As a cost saver to you, we make sure that every available space in the container/truck is best used, even packing appropriate items into drawers and cupboards.
• All packing is carefully supervised, so you can rest assured that your items are in the best hands.

Packing In Containers (International Moves)
Whatever the size of your shipment, other than air shipments a shipping container is used.

We make sure that your container is clean and watertight before we load it.
And if you only use part of a container your quotation will be for a groupage or shared container based on the volume taken up.
Motor Vehicles
Vehicles are transported on specialized car transportation vehicles when you are moving nationally. For international moves, we will load your vehicle in a container and build a customized frame around.

This not only provides protection but it also utilises the space inside the container efficiently. We will advise you in advance of the current requirements for the country to which you are emigrating.

It is essential to ensure that your motor vehicle complies with the legislated requirements in the country to which you are moving and that you have permission to import it.