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Runner  Shipping is a registered IATA agent. Through the hundreds of airfreight carriers and many daily flights we are well positioned to deliver urgent cargo safely at the very best price.

Our airfreight services are adjustable as per the Clients specific requirements. This allows for maximum flexibility as and when required.

Oversize & Project
We can attend to project type requirements where the cargo is abnormal in size and weight.

Provide for the best possible balance between the speed of air transport and the economical benefits of ocean transport.
The airfreight services include:


• Urgent delivery for time-critical shipments
• Delivery within a confined transit time
• Direct to customers for distribution


• Perfect for less urgent shipments
• Time definite to anywhere in the world
• Direct and consolidated consignments
• Competitive rates

Charter & Part Charter:

• Dedicated 24/7 services
• Dedicated transport
• Individual flexibility