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Whether you need assistance with an international move or simply need to ship a package overseas, we at Runners International Shipping Group. are a licensed freight forwarder of all types of freight. We have extensive experience handling both commercial and private accounts.

You Can Trust Us

Family run and operated since its beginning, Runners  International Shipping was established in 1997. We maintain strong global relationships with our certified agents and ship by truck, air, and sea. Our company was founded to deliver the strongest customer service possible; today, we still strive toward that end.

Why You Can Count On Us

Always seek to be flexible & provide personalized service
Maintain strong global relationships to ensure your package arrives safely
Establish & maintain strong communication with our customers
Will be honest with you & address all of your questions.
Runners Shipping  authorized freight forwarding company
Received Federal Aviation Administration security endorsements.
Have almost 3 decades of experience
Let us help you today!

Head Quarters in the INDIA  , we are well-known and respected for our vision and dedication to customer satisfaction. No matter how big, small, or fragile your package is or where you need to ship it to, we would be happy to assist you today! We can handle everything from personal to dangerous goods.

For the excellent customer service you can count on us
Federal Aviation Administration security endorsements
Mission Statement
To be a profitable, world-class logistics provider with dedicated employees who provide superior, error-free service for every customer.